How to maximize events in your membership business

Many membership businesses have found that events are a great way to increase retention for their membership business.  Members attend an event, build relationships, increase their engagement and end up keeping their membership. So how can you leverage your events to increase the impact and provide even greater value for your members:   Know your goals. Is it to get … Read More

Membership Strategies from the UFC

I recently had the opportunity to attend a UFC Fight in Las Vegas. The UFC has become one of the fastest growing organizations in sports.  The Fertitta Brothers bought the UFC in 2001 for two million dollars and 15 years later sold it for four billion dollars.  Not a bad ROI. But that’s not what this post is about.  It’s … Read More

You Can Triple Your Membership (I’ll show you how!) FREE WEBINAR

Most membership businesses are just waiting for members to sign up.  They say “It’s a waiting game.” It’s as if “built it and they will come.” Sorry! It doesn’t work like that. You have a membership program.  I’m going to assume you have a GREAT membership program. So why aren’t people signing up?! This Thursday, March 22nd, I’m doing a … Read More

Pricing Strategies for “Shrinking Food”

Rick Lax

What can you learn from “shrinking food?” You may have seen this video below from Rick Lax. If not, it’s worth a quick look.   So, how does it apply to your business? Ask: Do we even need to do this at all?  You’ve made some strategic decisions that no longer apply. The strategies behind those decisions no longer apply. … Read More