Chocolate Pinata – Have you ever had one?

Have you ever had a Chocolate Pinata? It looks like this – It’s a hollow chocolate ball filled with churros and all sorts of fruit. If you ever get the opportunity – GET IT! My wife and I went to a high end Mexican Restaurant (not some hole in the wall joint.) We just finished eating and looked over at … Read More

Relationships Inside Your Membership

There’s a key role that relationships play in building your membership business. I was meeting with a private client yesterday, working on a multi-million dollar membership business and I shared with him that your members are looking for a relationship. Some of the types of relationships include: Affinity – feeling like they’re part of something bigger than themselves Networking – … Read More

How Many Membership Levels Should You Have?

During a recent coaching call, one of my members asked me, “How many membership levels should I have?” It’s one that I’m often asked and the answer is always THREE! Regardless of your membership business or niche that you’re in – the answer is still three. Here are 7 reasons why: 1) Three is better than one. Many membership businesses … Read More

Old Membership Methods vs New Membership Path

Membership methods have changed! It used to be that you could: 1) Create a membership site 2) Add content 3) Sell it 4) Send people a ‘box o’ stuff’ 5) Get on the phone or send a newsletter each month Times have changed! If you’re still doing any of the above, you’re in danger. The crash is rapidly approaching. Instead, … Read More