The Biggest Mistake Membership Businesses Make When Marketing a Free Trial

I recently received an email from a Private Client – they made a huge mistake.  Honestly, it’s one I’ve told them not to do but it happened anyway. What was it? They didn’t remove current members from their marketing.  They promoted a trial membership to people who were already members! You should not market your trial membership to your current … Read More

Creating the Perfect Offer: A Complete Checklist

If you were to visit your own membership offer, your landing page, anywhere you’re asking people to sign up or join your membership, or go to one of your offers what would you see? This is one of the areas where I have to pull out a checklist myself and run my own checklist on what every offer should have. … Read More

How to Get More Members Paying You More

How many membership levels do you have? So many membership businesses only have one level of membership, others might have two; but I’m going to try to convince you that you need three. (And if you have four or more levels of membership, I’m still going to suggest slimming it down to just three.) If you’re now looking at your … Read More

7 Reasons Why Members Shouldn’t Get Everything for Free

Right now there is money being left on the table in your membership business. Your members could actually be paying you more! Many of you have been making additional products or trainings or services available for free—beyond what was promised in the membership. You probably feel your members should get everything for free just because they’re a member. But you … Read More