Ensuring Quality Member Experience

How do you ensure a quality member experience? Engaging members is often vital for repeat business for companies and with competition only getting fiercer, having an excellent member relationship strategy is just good business. One good tip is to keep in mind that the way in which your company interacts with members matters every bit as much as the quality … Read More

The Key to Getting New Members

Let’s talk about the key to getting new members. The key to getting new members is clarity. Where you see clouds, your prospects, they’re going to see fog. What’s cloudy for you is foggy for your prospects. Here’s what I mean by that: Do you have a clear call-to-action? When you tell people on your membership site to sign up, … Read More

How Do You Handle a Cancellation Request?

If you have a membership business, you know the excitement of gaining new members. I’m always excited to bring on a new member! The relationships I have with my members are some of the most fulfilling. I find a lot of joy in helping business owners grow their membership. Building businesses is my passion, and helping others has always been … Read More

Two Tools to Increase Retention

There are two tools you have in your arsenal to keep people from quitting your membership program. RESULTS + RELATIONSHIPS  Let’s take a look at the first – RESULTS: When you get your members results and they see their success tied to your membership program, they’ll be hard to lose. You’ll make them a fan. They’ll see their achievement is … Read More