Are You Killing Your Membership?

There’s a silent killer lurking in your membership business. No, it’s not one of your members. It’s not one of your staff members either (although there may be times where they want to, HA!). It’s not your database, CRM, or marketing, either. The silent killer… it’s Member Overwhelm! It creeps in, starting from the very beginning. Your prospect signs up … Read More

How You Can “Rescue People” from Canceling Your Membership

How You Can “Rescue People” from Canceling Your Membership

After growing a membership business to over 3,127 members, you will hear all sorts of reasons for canceling. Some I knew were true and some sure did sound like a made-up story just so the member could cancel. However, after hearing hundreds of reasons for people canceling their membership, I’ve found that there are usually three general reasons people cancel. … Read More

Who’s In Your Crowd?

Who's In Your Crowd

Call it an avatar, an ideal member, or prospect profile, you need a good understanding of who your prospective member is so you can best target your marketing. These are the non-members that you’re best able to help with your membership. If you’re going to move these people out of the crowd, you need to know who these non-members are. … Read More