The Most Common Mistake In Your Membership Marketing

The Most Common Mistake In Your Membership Marketing

(Stop This And You Can Add More Members Than Ever Before!) Mistakes happen, but the good news that when it comes to marketing your membership business, the great majority of serious errors can be avoided with a bit of discipline and careful planning. One of the most common errors made by membership marketers is attempting to be everything to everybody. … Read More

The Ultimate Fix for Your Membership Business Problems

Regardless of the niche, regardless of the services you provide, you lead a membership business and a membership business is different from a customer business. A customer-based business is a one and done. You get the customer and you hope that they come back, but with a membership business they’re saying, “I’m going to make an investment, and it’s going … Read More

Don’t Wait, Do It Now!

Don't Wait, Do It Now!

There’s a proverb that says, “If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” (Ecc. 11:4) In times like these, it’s easy to pull back and say the timing isn’t right. Or focus on trying to make things right. I’ve also seen membership leaders hold back because… …they wanted to have the perfect website. …the membership site wasn’t perfect and … Read More