Developing Content For Your High Ticket Membership Business

Developing Content for Your High Ticket Membership Business

Content is a major aspect of your membership business. Regardless of whether you offer an online service, a gym membership, or something entirely different – you have to get your content right. It is a great way to tickle the fancy of potential members, but also to keep your current members satisfied. You might be scratching your head right now. … Read More

Reasons to Keep a Door Open for a Member’s Return

Reasons to Keep a Door Open for a Member's Return

Membership has a life cycle. Just because a member cancels, it doesn’t mean they won’t return. So, why not leave an open door for them to come back? I’ve seen memberships where, if you cancel, they basically say, “You’re dead to me!” I know of one such membership business, that if you cancel your membership, you’re literally blacklisted and are … Read More

Simple Wisdom From Ducks, Eagles, And Jim Rohn

Simple Wisdom From Ducks, Eagles, And Jim Rohn

Want to know the number one reason why members don’t engage with your membership? Overwhelm. Overwhelm can happen a number of ways. You have so much to offer your members. So many ways that you can help them get the outcome they desire. The problem is, to quote Jim Rohn, “You’re sending ducks to eagle school.” You have so many … Read More

One Simple Hack To Close More High Ticket Members

There are a number of ways in which memberships can help to improve their sales, all of which essentially boil down to implementing strategies that genuinely work and help their salespeople to achieve success. One such method is to begin to focus on pitching outcomes rather than products. Getting the opportunity to pitch to someone capable of making the decision … Read More