21 Secrets to Online Marketing Success (Part 2)

Below is part two of my three part blog on 21 Secrets to Online Marketing Success.
You can find part 1 here.

8. Do not allow yourself to be belittled, insulted or demeaned verbally or in writing by others. When someone makes a snide or degrading comment, your reply should be: “What was your purpose in making that comment to me?” It will stop them in their tracks and embarrass them so they never do it again to you.

9. With your wealth avoid buying material possessions that are unnecessary – especially luxuries that depreciate in value over time. Use your money to buy income producing assets, assets that appreciate in value or services that free up your time for other activities.

10. Avoid debt of any kind to the extent that you are able. Pay cash. Leverage debt for reward points and immediately pay the balance in full. In doing so, you’ll turn cash into more cash.

11. Money is never lent to friends or family. It’s always a gift. If they choose to repay you, consider it a gift in return.

12. Every day you wake up and everyone in your family is in good health, and you have food to eat and a decent place to live, you are doing better than 80% of the world’s population.

13. When internet marketers and entrepreneurs brag to you about how much money they make, dived the figure by three. Dan Kennedy says the only numbers that matter are your own.

14. Always in business, under-promise and over-deliver. Give your customers not their money’s worth, but more than they have a right to expect. Err on the side of being too generous rather than being too rigid or strict.


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