21 Secrets to Online Marketing Success (Part 3)

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15. Do not give people unsolicited advice. They won’t do anything with it and it will only frustrate you further with their lack of improvement.

16. To paraphrase Dan Kennedy, guard your time like the gold in Fort Knox. You can always make more money, but time lost or wasted is gone forever.

17. As long as a business or life decision does not involve risking the mortgage money, make it quickly. Successful people are able to make swift decisions and carry them out with speed.

18. The #1 difference between successful people and those less successful is that successful people act on their ideas. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Without action, ideas are worthless.

19. Do not think you must reinvent the wheel on every new product or business project. Most things have already been done before. All you need to do is add a twist or put your own touch on a product or service to create demand and make it profitable.

20. If you are successful, you can be arrogant and boastful. But why do it? Your bragging makes others who are less successful feel badly about themselves. What’s the point in doing that? There is nothing gained and much to be lost in doing so.

21. Focus your work on creating valuable products, giving great service, going the extra mile for your customers – rather than how much money you want to make.


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