3 Reasons Your Membership Isn’t Selling

3 Reasons Your Membership Isn't Selling

Are people not buying your membership?

You might be thinking it’s the economy, social distancing, “corona-cation” or people just aren’t buying.

But that’s not true.

There are 3 reasons your membership isn’t selling…

1- You make an offer instead of an OUTCOME

What does your membership offer? As you begin to answer that question in your head, you’re probably already thinking of the tangible things that come with your membership (membership site, events, coaching, networking, etc.) That’s all wrong!

You have to turn your offer into an outcome.

What is the outcome your membership provides?

Is it better health, better finances, better relationships, more money, more meaning, greater significance, a sense of achievement, a sense of belonging… you get the idea.

People don’t want your membership offer, they want the outcome your membership provides.

2- There’s no INCENTIVE

If you look at your sales page, what’s the incentive for people to join “right now.” This is one of the most common mistakes people make in trying to sell their membership.

There’s no reason to “do it now.”

  • Why should I join right now?
  • What incentive do I get for doing it today and not putting it off to tomorrow, ore the next day or the day after that?
  • What bonus can I get for signing up right now?

“Join now and you’ll get…” can be one of the greatest ways to sell your membership.

3- You sell based on need instead of DESIRE

The average person doesn’t join a gym because they want to sweat. They join a gym because they desire to be healthy, desire to look good, desire to lose weight, desire to accomplish a goal.

People don’t think they need what you’re selling. You and I think that.

It’s our job to create a desire for our membership.

When you create a desire for your membership, you’re able to sell your membership as the solution.

You have to include all three: Outcome, Incentive and Desire.

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