3 Ways A Podcast Will Multiply Your Membership

3 Ways A Podcast Will Multiply Your Membership

One of the fastest ways to get your message out into the world is through a podcast. My goal today is to convince you not only to do a podcast, but to become madly in love with podcasting and the results a podcast can produce for you.

You might have been sitting on the fence for some time now wondering how or why you should be doing a podcast. And I just want to say first off, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to speak into my members’ businesses or into their lives if it were not for my podcast.

The More Members Now Podcast has enabled me to come alongside my members and encouraged them in growing their businesses and to get more members and ultimately impact the lives of more people through their membership programs.

And that’s why I believe you should be doing a podcast as well.

You would have the opportunity to impact so many more people if you were doing a podcast. And if you’re already doing a podcast, let me remind you of the benefits that your podcast is creating for you.

There are three main ways a podcast will multiply your membership:

A podcast expands your reach.

It gets you into new audiences. There are people who are out there who discover our podcasts through Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, and through all those different podcast hosting sites that we would not have been able to discover otherwise, and we wouldn’t have been able to impact them.  Prospects we wouldn’t have been able to share the resources and tools that we have, were it were not for a podcast.  It expands our reach and gets us into new media.

We’re on social media. Yes, we have a website. Yes, we have an email list. Yes we do live events. And yes, we have a podcast. All of those are modalities get us into new audiences that we might not normally reach and a podcast can do that for you as well.  So it expands your reach.

A podcast will grow your audience.

Now obviously if you’re reading this, you’re probably a part of our audience, and more than likely, already joined our free Facebook group over at facebook.com/groups/membership marketers.  But with our podcast, we can leverage that platform to encourage people to join our group there and it helps us grow our audience on social media.

A podcast helps grow your email list too, because if you go to The More Members Now Podcast and you request our Power Pack, you are added to our email list.  So a podcast grows our audience so that we are able to communicate new things, new tools, new resources, new events, new opportunities directly to more people.

And here’s the other thing… If Mark Zuckerberg was to decide to shut down Facebook and close the doors,  you still have your podcast, you still have your email list.

If for some reason your email list was to shut down for whatever reason, guess what? You still have your podcasts and so your’re not relying on just one media to be able to influence your audience and grow your membership.

So a podcast will expand your reach, a podcast will grow your audience, and then finally…

A podcast will elevate your authority.

Maybe you are just like me and podcasts are simply something that you listen to and we do, but when people hear that you’re a podcaster, all of the sudden, you’re now elevated, you’ve got a level of authority.  Now because people are listening to you, they’re subscribing to you, and they want to hear what you have to say.

And not only am I able to say, I’m an author, I’m also a podcaster and that is a level of authority that means something to our members. It means something to our prospects, and it’ll mean something for your members and your prospective members as well. So it elevates your authority, it grows your audience, it expands your reach.

Ultimately the end goal of all of this is so you can impact more people. And that’s really what a podcast will do for you. You want to impact more people with your membership, whatever your membership provides, whether it’s better health, greater finances, better relationships, you know whatever your membership provides, a podcast will help you do it even more.

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