31 Reasons Why Members Quit

Below are 31 Reasons Members Quit. They’re 31 reasons that I’ve heard over and over from members and leaders like you.

There’s so much competing for your members and so much going on in the personal life and business of your members that even the slightest interference can cause your members to quit.

You’ve got to have a plan for each of these reasons (and more):

  1. Too much content
  2. Over delivery of content
  3. Mailings stacking up
  4. Not getting what I pay for
  5. Laziness
  6. Too busy
  7. No relationship
  8. Difference in philosophy
  9. No results
  10. Lack of engagement
  11. No path to follow
  12. Lack of ascension
  13. No de-scension
  14. Lack of communication
  15. Too much communication
  16. Too “salesy”
  17. Lack of trust
  18. Boredom
  19. Excitement wears off
  20. Lack of community
  21. Frustration
  22. Lack of recognition
  23. No quick win
  24. Competing membership
  25. No longer in business (downturn in economy)
  26. Free Content
  27. Under delivery of content
  28. Broken promises
  29. Disconnect from members
  30. Costs too much
  31. Confusion

Do you know what to do?  What to say?

People quit your membership when they’re:

  • In trouble
  • In transition
  • Under tension

They need your help to get over the barriers they’re facing.

You just need to know what to say and do.

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