4 Ways To Create Committed Members

4 Ways To Create Committed Members

Your community is made up of members who have been engaging their membership in a continual manner. This is where most of your membership resides. They use their membership. They receive the value your membership program provides. They would identify themselves as a member.

However, if given a better opportunity they may go somewhere else. If a competitor makes them an offer or entices them, they might just cancel and never return. Plus, the membership is still low on their priority list and runs the risk of them just not using it.

“The goal is to market to your community to get them to use their membership in both a consistent and predictable manner.”

For most membership businesses this is left to chance. There’s not an intentional process to move people from just using their membership to a place where you are able to anticipate their participation.

How Do You Move a Member from Your Community to Becoming a Committed Member?

1. Make communication two-way.

Encourage members to respond to your communications, reply to emails, and engage in conversation. When you see members responding to communication, you will begin to see their commitment to the membership increase.

These are members who are actually responding to communications. You know your communication isn’t falling on deaf ears because your committed members are responding.

2. Create opportunities for a deeper relationship.

They identify with the membership, other members, and with the benefits they’re receiving. Committed members identify with your membership program. It’s part of their life.

I go into greater detail on relationships in The 2xR Retention MethodTM. But through your marketing you can encourage people to move forward in their membership in such a way that they begin to identify with the benefits, members, and even staff members.

3. Encourage members to give testimonies.

Testimonies are a great asset for any membership business. When someone gives a testimony of how your membership has benefited them, they’re not only telling their story, they’re now creating a deeper obligation to continue with the membership.

A testimony endears a member to the membership and holds them accountable. “If I just said all of those things about how the membership benefited me, why would I quit now?”

4. You see them benefiting from their membership.

Your own observations of members benefiting from the membership can be an indicator of them having a greater commitment. You see them benefiting, you notice their improvements, these are all indicators of members moving toward a greater commitment.

The goal is to create marketing communications to encourage this movement toward greater commitment.

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