5 Ways to Inspire Your Members

5 Ways to Inspire Your Members

Even the most invested members can begin to lose some of their motivation over a period of time, and it is up to leaders to ensure that members who seem burned out are able to become motivated and passionate again.

Members can lose motivation for a number of reasons, such as boredom, poor communication, lack of recognition, and having nothing to really strive toward.

Make sure you keep members up to date with any developments in the company as well as any new tools and resources available. People need to know that their work matters and they are striving toward something.

Ensure that members know that their efforts are appreciated and that their hard work is recognized. A bit of healthy competition can also help motivate certain members, by offering rewards and incentives. For members who may be losing motivation due to boredom, try to find out if there is something different they would be interested in trying, be it a new project or skill.

You can keep your members inspired by:

  • RECOGNIZING their achievements. Many times you may be the only person who recognizes the achievements of your members. Keep in mind that if you’re working with entrepreneurs then they may not have anyone else to recognize all that they’ve accomplished.
  • REWARDING their efforts.  It doesn’t have to be a major reward, even the smallest reward can pay big dividends for your members. Rewards have a way of keeping people encouraged.
  • REMINDING them how far they’ve come. When working with driven entrepreneurs, many times they’ll forget their own success. Some times you need to remind them of the journey they’re on in order to keep them pressing forward to their goals ahead.
  • REAFFIRMING their desired outcome. You can inspire your members reaffirming their desired outcome. They may have their eyes on the goal but do they really have the desire to get there. When you reaffirm their desired outcome it can act as fuel to help get them there.
  • REASSURING their skills and knowledge. In the midst of doubt, people need reassurance that they’re able to overcome. So when your members are down, reassure their skills, knowldege, talents and abilities so that they can have the confidence to more forward.

Who in your membership needs to be inspired today?

When you do this, you’ll see a direct correlation on your retention. The more you keep your members inspired, the longer they’ll tend to stay in your program.

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