Are You Killing Your High Ticket Membership?

Are You Killing Your High Ticket Membership?

There’s a silent killer lurking in your membership business. No, it’s not one of your members. It’s not one of your staff members either (although there may be times where they want to, HA!). It’s not your database, CRM, or marketing, either.

The silent killer… it’s Member Overwhelm!

It creeps in, starting from the very beginning. Your prospect signs up and becomes a member. They think they have a good grasp on the membership but they’re still learning (what all comes with the membership, what do they have access to, what do they not have access to).

But then, the current starts to build. More and more content comes their way. They try to use some of their membership only to get distracted by other opportunities the membership provides.

Before you know it, members are saying:

  • “This is like drinking water from a fire hydrant.”
  • “There’s so much, I’m just not sure what to do.”
  • “I keep getting all this stuff and my desk is piling up.”
  • “Seems like if I don’t use everything, I’m not taking full advantage of my membership.”

As the creator, you brush it off. You might even take a little pride in thinking, “Great! We offer a lot to our members.”

Meanwhile, the countdown clock has started ticking and it won’t be long before the overwhelm finally takes another victim and your member cancels.

It happens time and time again. But what can you do?

If we don’t offer great value to our members then it may mean they’ll cancel.

There’s a simple way to ward off this silent killer.

More value doesn’t always mean more membership features.” – Scott Whitaker

Many times less is more.

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