Are You Missing Out On The Latest Way To Attract Members?

Marketing is one of the most important parts of any business, but it is also a part of the business that tends to lag behind the times. It was not too many years ago that companies didn’t see the value in a website or in sending out email marketing to their members.

Now, even these new marketing options are being left in the dust. The big trend
to social media marketing is also beginning to fall behind to a small little 160 character marketing option called the SMS message.

Text messaging is becoming ever more popular. Information from Nielsen shows amazing trends in text messaging. In June of 2000 the number of text messages send in the USA in that month was 12,000,000. In June of 2012 that number had increased to 423,000,000,000. This breaks down to about 432 texts per month per subscriber on the systems they were monitoring. And that was just five years ago!

For SMS marketing this is important because:

  •  The average person receives about 1200 emails per month and clicks through on only about 4.2%. The rate for SMS click through is about 19%.
  •  Only about 5% of SMS marketing campaigns are opted out of and, in fact, coupons via SMS are used 10 times more frequently that those provided any other way.
  •  Over 95% of text messages are read through completely and within minutes of arriving on the screen.
  •  Marketers can provide short, concise information to customers that want that information without having to direct them to websites, emails or other types of media
  •  Text messaging is seen as preferable to a voice call by consumers that are over the age of 18 and under the age of 62

As if that wasn’t enough, Nielsen also reports that 27% of consumers reported that they were more likely to buy a new product after finding out about it through a text message. SMS marketing is definitely on the rise. Like any kind of marketing there is a saturation point for all consumers, but more and more people like the idea and favor the companies that use it wisely.

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