Be a “Hope Dealer”

Be a "Hope Dealer"

Being a business coach and entrepreneur, you know the feeling of uncertainty. You may be feeling it right now or you may have felt it recently. And the reality is that you will experience it again.

And not only do you experience it. But your members and clients experience it to.

That’s why as coaches, we have to be “Dealers of Hope.”

You see, it’s in the midst of uncertainty that hope makes its presence known.

The reality is, is that you and I, we’ve always been dealers of hope for our members. They come to you wanting a particular outcome, whatever the outcome or service that your membership provides.

One of my private clients is a health coach all the way in Dubai. And, back during covid he had to shut down. Maybe you experienced something similar. Many of you run your coaching business online. Your members desire better finances, they’re wanting better health, better relationships, a better outcome for whatever it is that you provide. And you’ve always been a “dealer in hope. Letting them know that wherever they are now you’re going to take them on a journey to get them where they should be or where they desire to be, or even better where you know that it could potentially be.

And that doesn’t change. If anything, in the midst of uncertainty, your membership has the opportunity to stand out even more because of all of the uncertainty around them. You know the uncertainty that we’re facing, the hope of a better relationship, the of better finances, the hope of a healthier lifestyle, whatever it is, your membership has the opportunity to rise above and to provide that outcome even more so.

It’s in the midst of uncertainty, that hope makes its presence known.

To do this, continue to invest in marketing. During times of uncertainty, never retreat on marketing. If you have the ability to fulfill on the hope for your prospects, then its best to get your message in front of many people as possible.

Your marketing has an opportunity to get in front of more people. You have a great opportunity to come alongside people and make your message of hope, your membership, known to them. Continue to push forward in marketing.

During uncertainty, focus on retention. When a member desires to cancel their membership, you’ve got an opportunity to come alongside them and keep them as a member.

People cancel their membership for one of three reasons:

  • Some sort of trouble
  • Under some sort of tension
  • They’re in some sort of transition

What do you do?

What offer, what opportunity can you have for them in this moment of tension? Well, one is is too extend their membership. Give them an extra 30 days, maybe give them a break on their monthly investment. If they’re under a contract with you, maybe extend it by one month and say, “Hey listen, I know that you might not be able to utilize the membership this month. Here’s what I like to do. We have a 12 month agreement. You’re on month six or seven or whatever of your agreement. Why don’t we just extend it one more month for free?”

Have an offer to make available to them. Give them an opportunity to stay involved in the membership. Acknowledge the tension at knowledge, the trouble, acknowledge the the transition that people may be going through and offer your membership hope.

Be a “Dealer of Hope,” and let your membership be an opportunity to come alongside them. Continue to serve them because that’s why you’re there. Serve your members.

In the midst of uncertainty, hope makes its presence known. Make the hope that your membership provides, make it known. You have an opportunity to stand out in the crowd oand say, “I am able to provide hope through our program.”

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