Before Your Membership Can Grow, You Must Grow!

Before Your Membership Can Grow, You Must Grow!

After working with multiple private clients and helping them breakthrough to six and seven figures there’s a common problem I’ve discovered.

Most of them easily slipped into the habit of controlling every aspect of their membership when their organization or team was small.

Then, as it expanded, they had trouble giving up their authority over every decision and task.

Needless to say, this caused numerous issues and kept their business from growing.

As your organization grows, be prepared for these potential trouble spots:

  • Time management. Keep track of how you spend your day, so you concentrate on strategy and the big picture instead of routine tasks that can be easily delegated. You want sufficient time to plan, and employees are looking for opportunities to stretch and grow themselves.
  • Processes and procedures. Standardize rules and procedures as your efforts expand, so you can maintain a degree of control over employees’ activities without monitoring their every move. You don’t want to stifle their initiative, but you have to know that they’re on the right track.
  • Reach out. Most business owners shouldn’t keep track of more than three to six people directly. Adding more employees means you have to rely on someone to manage your expanded workforce. As you hire, look for employees with experience and interest in effective management so you don’t stretch yourself too thin.

Regardless of the size of your membership, you can take steps now in each of those areas to prepare for the growth of your membership.

You see, “before your membership can grow, you must grow!”

Your growth may be the very thing that is keeping you from getting more members and helping more people.

That’s one of my goals, help membership business leaders just like you, so you can impact more people with your membership.

And you can ultimately experience the freedom that a growing membership business provides.

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