Your 2019 Marketing Calendar

What if you could plan your marketing calendar for 2019 in 60 minutes or less? It is possible! This Friday, I’m taking my Membership Multipliers through a brand-new masterclass Planning a One Year Marketing Calendar that Can Grow Your Business by 147% Imagine if you were able to have a complete one-year marketing calendar. That marketing calendar will be increase … Read More

Look for These Traits in Future Leaders Inside Your Membership

Have you surrounded yourself with success-oriented people? They may not be easy to recognize, but they’re crucial to an organization that wants to be innovative and entrepreneurial. Here’s a list of factors that can help you identify and develop potential leaders in your membership: Collaboration. Look for members who communicate well, delegate effectively, and build strong personal relationships with other … Read More

Improve Your Leadership with This Skills Assessment

Good leaders reassess their skills regularly. Whether you’re a veteran or new to leadership, spend some time exploring these questions in detail: Who and what do I influence? Your sphere of influence isn’t defined or limited by your job title. Who asks for your advice? How do your decisions affect other people and different departments? Do people follow your example … Read More

Become an Expert to Succeed in Your Membership Business

One way to rise quickly in any niche is to become known as the “go-to expert.’ People turn to experts when they don’t have the time or resources to master the skills or information they need. Becoming an expert isn’t quick, but you can get started by following these steps: Consult with friends. Ask your friends what they think you … Read More

Member Retention Tips

It can be an exciting experience for a membership business owner to finally win over that new member, not least because it demonstrates the worth of strategies and campaigns. The downside to this is that focusing too heavily on winning new members can have the unintentional result of leaving existing members feeling dissatisfied and forgotten. There is no point in … Read More

Tips for Authentic Interaction with Members

Your members are empowered with lots and lots of information in today’s world, making it important for you to be able to provide your members with superior self-discovery options in addition to customized interactive experiences that tailor to their own personal requirements. One good tip to help create that 
experience and have authentic
interaction with members is to 
ensure that your … Read More

Ensuring Quality Member Experience

How do you ensure a quality member experience? Engaging members is often vital for repeat business for companies and with competition only getting fiercer, having an excellent member relationship strategy is just good business. One good tip is to keep in mind that the way in which your company interacts with members matters every bit as much as the quality … Read More

3 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Prospects

Any membership business that wants to be successful knows about the importance of lead generation, but many prospects are just not ready to start buying. The good news is that this issue can be resolved with the use of lead nurturing. Lead nurturing refers to the building of relationships between your business and prospects at every stage of the prospecting … Read More

The Key to Getting New Members

Let’s talk about the key to getting new members. The key to getting new members is clarity. Where you see clouds, your prospects, they’re going to see fog. What’s cloudy for you is foggy for your prospects. Here’s what I mean by that: Do you have a clear call-to-action? When you tell people on your membership site to sign up, … Read More

How Do You Handle a Cancellation Request?

If you have a membership business, you know the excitement of gaining new members. I’m always excited to bring on a new member! The relationships I have with my members are some of the most fulfilling. I find a lot of joy in helping business owners grow their membership. Building businesses is my passion, and helping others has always been … Read More