How To Respond When A Member Says “I’ve Found Something Else”

"I've Found Something Else"

Now, the final reason that people cancel their membership and one that you’ve probably heard is, “I have found something else.” Many times, a member is not going to tell you they’re leaving you for your competitor. Instead, they just tell you, “I’ve found something else.” They don’t want to let you know that they’re cheating on you with somebody … Read More

“I’m Getting Too Much Out Of It”

I'm Getting Too Much Out Of It

The next reason is, it seems a little bit of a reverse of last week’s. It’s actually, “I’m getting too much. I’m getting too much.” Now, I’ll be the first to say. This may be the time your members are actually right. They’re actually saying the very reason that they’re canceling. They’re overwhelmed. They’re getting too much from you. Time … Read More

“I’m Getting Nothing Out Of It”

"I'm Getting Nothing Out Of It"

As we continue our series on The Top Reasons People Quit Membership Programs, the next excuse that people give about canceling your membership is, “I’m not getting anything out of it.” You know, some people feel like they’re not getting anything out of their membership, so they say, “I’m just going to cancel it.” Usually, it’s not that they’re not … Read More

I’m Too Busy

I'm too Busy

The second reason that people often give for canceling a membership is, “I’m too busy.” Now, I’m going to make a confession. Anytime my members tell me, “Hey, I’m canceling my membership because I’m too busy,” it just makes my skin crawl. Sometimes, I want to just come off the top rope on them and say, “What do you mean … Read More

How To Respond When A Member Says “It Costs Too Much”

How To Respond When A Member Says "It Costs Too Much"

One of the questions I’m often asked is what are some of the top reasons people quit membership programs? After working with my coaching network and my private clients and after leading my own membership business and growing a membership business to be the largest in its niche, I’ve compiled what I have found to be the top five reasons … Read More

Your Greatest Asset Is Your Time

Your Greatest Asset Is Your Time

Being a member of Dan Kennedy’s Titanium Group was invaluable to me.  I learned some valuable lessons that still serve me incredibly well today. One of Dan’s lessons was “Don’t trade dollars for hours.  Trade dollars for value.” As an example, Dan would charge over $19,000 for one day to meet in his basement.  At that rate, you’re literally paying … Read More

Results Rule!

Results rule!  That’s it.  This is closely related to last week’s blog post, you may want to click here and check it out. Your opinion of your marketing doesn’t matter.  The results rule! Your opinion of the effectiveness of your membership doesn’t matter. The results rule! The opinion of others doesn’t matter. The results rule! What someone thinks of you … Read More

Measure Everything and Know Your Numbers

Measure Everything and Know Your Numbers

In Titanium, Dan Kennedy’s highest-level mastermind, he had very little patience for people who didn’t know their numbers. It didn’t happen often, partly because the level of investment was meant to attract the right people and repel the wrong people. However, there were times when someone would get a little relaxed in their business, stop watching the numbers and Dan … Read More

You Need To Have A Modus Operandi And Fully Own It

You Need To Have A Modus Operandi And Fully Own It

Have you met Dan Kennedy? For those of you who do not know Dan, you should.  Just go to and buy every book he’s authored and co-authored. I’ve had the privilege to call Dan a friend and mentor for some time now. I’ve been following him since 2007. During that time, I’ve attended almost every event that he’s hosted, … Read More

One Is A Very Bad Number

One Is A Very Bad Number

When you are just starting out, the membership businesses owner typically wears all the hats.  If it needs to get done, the business owner is usually is the one doing it. If there is an email the owner rights it. If there is a process or procedure, the owner creates it. And as time goes by, ONE becomes a very … Read More