Build a Sustainable Membership that Will Attract More Members – Calendar

Build a Sustainable Membership that Will Attract More Members - Calendar

Once you have your catalog and categories, you’ll then be able to organize your goods, services, and/or content onto a calendar. 

Many membership businesses leave the membership to chance. There’s no structure for how to deliver the membership. 

Why is it important to calendar your membership program? 

  • It reduces your stress. Instead, you will now know what you’re going to do and when.
  • It reduces frustration for your staff. They have a clearer picture of what needs to be done and when.
  • It provides greater clarity for your members. It helps build anticipation about what they’re going to experience.

You’ll be able to clearly choose when you’re going to deliver your membership, how you’re going to deliver it, and when you will deliver it.

When you set an intentional plan for delivering your membership, you’ll better recognize the value of your membership and it will become clearer to your members as well.

This will ultimately help you acquire more members. When your prospects can see the “menu” and it will make sense (not just a bunch of listed ingredients) then they’ll want to stick around for the dessert!

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