The Key To Multiplying Your Membership

Most membership businesses don’t really believe me that they can actually MULTIPLY their membership. “It’s simply not possible!” is what they say. I’m about to challenge the way you look at your membership business. In doing so, I want you to set aside the misconception that it’s only possible to add members, and instead believe that you can MULTIPLY your … Read More

Know What Members Want from You

What do your members really want? Jumping to conclusions is never safe. To run a better membership business, remember these basic truths about everyone who joins your membership:   “I want to feel important.” No one wants to feel like a number, interchangeable, or easy to forget. Get to know your members as people; find out what makes each one … Read More

How to Be a Star to your Members

If you want to be successful in your membership business, then getting a reputation for taking initiative is one key goal to accomplish. How do you earn that label? Try the following steps to make the word “initiative” synonymous with your name:   Go above and beyond. Members will be impressed when they see you willing to accept the responsibility … Read More

Look for These Traits in Future Leaders Inside Your Membership

Have you surrounded yourself with success-oriented people? They may not be easy to recognize, but they’re crucial to an organization that wants to be innovative and entrepreneurial. Here’s a list of factors that can help you identify and develop potential leaders in your membership: Collaboration. Look for members who communicate well, delegate effectively, and build strong personal relationships with other … Read More

Improve Your Leadership with This Skills Assessment

Good leaders reassess their skills regularly. Whether you’re a veteran or new to leadership, spend some time exploring these questions in detail: Who and what do I influence? Your sphere of influence isn’t defined or limited by your job title. Who asks for your advice? How do your decisions affect other people and different departments? Do people follow your example … Read More

The Key to Getting New Members

Let’s talk about the key to getting new members. The key to getting new members is clarity. Where you see clouds, your prospects, they’re going to see fog. What’s cloudy for you is foggy for your prospects. Here’s what I mean by that: Do you have a clear call-to-action? When you tell people on your membership site to sign up, … Read More

How to Assimilate New Members and Increase Retention with “Engagement Tripwires” in Your Membership Program

When someone joins your membership program, they’re not REALLY a member. Not quite yet. Sure, they’ve signed up, agreed to be a member and paid their fee. But, that doesn’t make them a member. They don’t “feel” like a member. They say things like: I joined _____ membership. vs  I am a member of _____ membership. Your membership. . .   vs     My membership. . . You … Read More

Relationships Inside Your Membership

There’s a key role that relationships play in building your membership business. I was meeting with a private client yesterday, working on a multi-million dollar membership business and I shared with him that your members are looking for a relationship. Some of the types of relationships include: Affinity – feeling like they’re part of something bigger than themselves Networking – … Read More

Old Membership Methods vs New Membership Path

Membership methods have changed! It used to be that you could: 1) Create a membership site 2) Add content 3) Sell it 4) Send people a ‘box o’ stuff’ 5) Get on the phone or send a newsletter each month Times have changed! If you’re still doing any of the above, you’re in danger. The crash is rapidly approaching. Instead, … Read More