3 Ways A Podcast Will Multiply Your Membership

3 Ways A Podcast Will Multiply Your Membership

One of the fastest ways to get your message out into the world is through a podcast. My goal today is to convince you not only to do a podcast, but to become madly in love with podcasting and the results a podcast can produce for you. You might have been sitting on the fence for some time now wondering … Read More

3 Reasons Your Membership Isn’t Selling

3 Reasons Your Membership Isn't Selling

Are people not buying your membership? You might be thinking it’s the economy, social distancing, “corona-cation” or people just aren’t buying. But that’s not true. There are 3 reasons your membership isn’t selling… 1- You make an offer instead of an OUTCOME What does your membership offer? As you begin to answer that question in your head, you’re probably already … Read More

What To Do When People Stop Taking Your Membership

What To Do When People Stop Taking Your Membership

One of the most common reasons that people don’t take your membership is because you’re making them an offer. Stop “offering” your membership. And do this instead: Turn your membership offer into an opportunity! You see when you make an offer… The offer is more about you and less about your prospective member. It’s “your offer” and what YOU have … Read More

The Key To Multiplying Your Membership

Most membership businesses don’t really believe me that they can actually MULTIPLY their membership. “It’s simply not possible!” is what they say. I’m about to challenge the way you look at your membership business. In doing so, I want you to set aside the misconception that it’s only possible to add members, and instead believe that you can MULTIPLY your … Read More

Keep Your Membership Business Prosperous by Spending in These Key Areas

If you run your own membership business, you probably know that the key to sustained growth is investing in the right areas. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. You just have to spend the right amount in three important categories:   Research and development. Watch your numbers. What are people buying? What do they want that you’re … Read More

Send Emails to your Members that Get Results

Do your emails get the attention and rapid response they deserve? Here’s how to make sure your members read and answer your messages while they’re still fresh:   Grab them with your subject. The subject line should read like a compelling newspaper headline. One technique is to use the subject line to tell people what you want up front: “The … Read More

How to Be a Star to your Members

If you want to be successful in your membership business, then getting a reputation for taking initiative is one key goal to accomplish. How do you earn that label? Try the following steps to make the word “initiative” synonymous with your name:   Go above and beyond. Members will be impressed when they see you willing to accept the responsibility … Read More