How To Position Yourself Over Your Competitors The Right Way

How To Position Yourself Over Your Competitors The Right Way

One of the reasons people cancel their membership and one that you’ve probably heard is, “I have found something else.” Many times, a member is not going to tell you they’re leaving you for your competitor. Instead, they just say, “Hey, I’ve found something else.” They don’t want to let you know that they’re cheating on you with somebody else. … Read More

I Have A Huge Announcement And You Get A Special Bonus

It’s brand-new! The “More Members Now Podcast” has officially launched! And to celebrate, we’re giving away over $472.67 in membership tools and resources! All you have to do is click the link below! Subscribe to the podcast and then click: Get Your PowerPack! Every week, there will be a brand new episode. Each will help you get more members, increase your retention … Read More

Why You Should Always Leave A Door Open For A Member To Return

Why You Should Always Leave A Door Open For A Member To Return

Membership has a life cycle. Just because a member cancels, it doesn’t mean they won’t return. So, why not leave an open door for them to come back? I’ve seen memberships where, if you cancel, they basically say, “You’re dead to me!” I know of one such membership business, that if you cancel your membership, you’re literally blacklisted and are … Read More

Don’t Believe This Membership Myth

There’s a dirty little myth out there – “If we just add more value, we’ll get more members.” Sometimes the lie is said out loud. Sometimes it’s an internal belief. However, it all starts with, “Why aren’t we getting more members?” Somehow, the question of “Why aren’t we getting more members?” was more easily answered by just saying, “If we … Read More

Are You Killing Your Membership?

There’s a silent killer lurking in your membership business. No, it’s not one of your members. It’s not one of your staff members either (although there may be times where they want to, HA!). It’s not your database, CRM, or marketing, either. The silent killer… it’s Member Overwhelm! It creeps in, starting from the very beginning. Your prospect signs up … Read More

Who’s In Your Crowd?

Who's In Your Crowd

Call it an avatar, an ideal member, or prospect profile, you need a good understanding of who your prospective member is so you can best target your marketing. These are the non-members that you’re best able to help with your membership. If you’re going to move these people out of the crowd, you need to know who these non-members are. … Read More

Transforming Customers Into Members

Transforming Customers Into Members

What most separates a membership business from a “customer-based” business? In my opinion, COMMUNITY. I have yet to see a membership where there isn’t a community. [Note: I make a distinction between subscriptions and memberships. No one says, “I’m a member of Netflix.” Or, “I’m a member of the Wall Street Journal.” That’s because those are clearly subscriptions. Subscriptions would … Read More

The Key To Multiplying Your Membership

Most membership businesses don’t really believe me that they can actually MULTIPLY their membership. “It’s simply not possible!” is what they say. I’m about to challenge the way you look at your membership business. In doing so, I want you to set aside the misconception that it’s only possible to add members, and instead believe that you can MULTIPLY your … Read More

Why Memberships Fail

Most of us lead membership businesses for three reasons: 1- Impact: You and I want to make an impact on the life of our members. We make a contribution every day.  You care about your members and the results they’re getting. You grow and contribute and make a bigger impact in the world. 2- People: You and I have a genuine … Read More