Not Right Now [Podcast]

Not Right Now

What do you do when you ideal prospect says, “Not right now”? How do you respond?  In today’s episode we will drill down into what you can do and how you can respond when a prospect says, “Not right now”.

Waiting To Say, “Sign Me Up” [Podcast]

Waiting To Say, "Sign Me Up" [Podcast]

Would you believe that people are just waiting to sign up for your membership?  It’s true, they’re waiting to say, “sign me up.” So, in this episode of the More Members Now Podcast, you’ll discover how to find who those people are and how to get them signed up for you membership!

Member Retention Tips

Member Retention Tips

It can be an exciting experience for a membership business owner to finally win over that new member, not least because it demonstrates the worth of strategies and campaigns. The downside to this is that focusing too heavily on winning new members can have the unintentional result of leaving existing members feeling dissatisfied and forgotten. There is no point in … Read More