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“You Can Launch, Grow and Multiply Your Membership and Get Paid Really, Really Well to Do It!"

Read this letter and discover how to multiply your membership every month without spending another dime on expensive, hit-or-miss marketing strategies.

Scott WhitakerFrom: Scott Whitaker
Charleston, SC
Friday, 8:48 A.M.

Dear Fellow Membership Business Leader,

You're about to hear the truth that the marketing gurus, social media experts, "funnel software sellers," and high-priced business consultants don't want you to know.

Here is the unvarnished truth:

If you already have leads coming into your business at any level, the fastest way to increase your bottom line and make more money is to TURN THOSE LEADS INTO MEMBERS. Period, over and out.

Think about it.

Every time you get more effective at selling your membership, you give yourself an instant pay raise! Increase your sales by 10%? BAM! That's 10% more than gets DEPOSITED IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT.

Crank it up and close 25%, 50% or 100% more of the leads you're already getting? BOOM! You've just increased your income exponentially without spending any more money.

And yes, you absolutely can increase your membership by those amounts and more. Let me tell you how I can help you...

Unleash Your Membership Business

Imagine you could wave a magic wand and suddenly have the ability to magnetically attract people to your membership, influence your prospects to say "yes", and compel masses of your very best clients to deeply desire what you offer them. How would having that super-power transform your business and your life?

Guess what? This is NOT some type of fantasy. It can be your reality when you become a...

Membership Multiplier

If you're a membership business owner, marketer, coach, consultant, or information marketer, who is serious about MULTIPLYING YOUR MEMBERSHIP AND INCOME, then being an Membership Multiplier will become an essential part of your business success.

Here is how we will work together to increase your sales every single month:

You will get this month's masterclass: 

✔   A Video Masterclass. Discover insider membership secrets in an easy-to-follow, paint-by-the-numbers video format. Topics include selling online, creating membership offers that sell, selling with email, taking a new member from sign-up to fully-engaged, membership marketing, leveraging your numbers, creating multiple membership levels, getting more money from your current members, how to "rescue a cancellation", and more.

The Masterclass In Print. Current Multipliers tell me this is one of their most prized benefits. These printed "transcripts", sent to you via first-class mail, are more like well-formatted newsletters which you will save and refer to again and again.

"Listen On-The-Go" Masterclass. In addition to the video and print version of the Masterclass, you also receive an mp3 so you can multiply your membership while getting ready for the day, driving to your office, walking the dog, etc.

Membership Gold Magazine. Your newsletter is packed with articles on how to gain more freedom, increase your productivity, become a better leader, increase your membership sales and so much more. You can download it and it will also be mailed to you every month.

Members Only Membership Site. You get a private online hub that is updated every month with your tools, masterclass, newsletter and additional tools to help you get more members and keep people from cancelling their membership.

Plus, when you become a Membership Multiplier now you'll get instant access to these two BONUSES:

Bonus #1: 15 Membership Multipliers - Proven Tools That Will Help You Get More Members

I have just released a confidential system called “15 Membership Multipliers” Here is a taste of what you’ll discover in this astonishing system:

  • The "50/5" strategy that gives you the secret weapon to increase the revenue of your members by at least 50% in just 5 days!
  • 3 Churn-Buster Secrets that once used will increase the average member retention by three to five times almost immediately. Just use these and calculate what that'd do for you bank account!
  • The top secret to that you've NEVER heard about why people leave but will never tell you. Address this head on and watch your numbers soar.
  • The complete template to indoctrinate new members. Forget EVERYTHING you've heard from the experts. I've seen their numbers and they suck. Do this instead to turn cold-leads into RAVING fans in less than 30 days.
  • The single biggest mistakes that exist in nearly all memberships and how to instantly remove it. This mistake is "hidden in plain sight" and so obvious you'll slap your forehead when you see it.

That's just a small sample of what you'll discover when you get "15 Membership Multipliers".

Bonus #2: Fast Implementation Call

Get a private, one-on-one coaching call with me.  We'll dive down on your business and I'll give you at least three strategies to propel your membership business.

You'll get a link to my calendar where you can schedule a time that best fits you.

This is not a sales call!  You won't be upsold.  If anything you'll be blown away at the membership making strategies you receive.  Many clients (Membership Maximizers) pay me $497 for these calls every month.

Let the numbers speak for themselves:

If you gain 5 new members every month, you will have
new members

Compound the number of payments over the course of 12 months and you have
monthly payments

If you charge just $97 for your membership you will generate
in new profits

Two Convenient Options To Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Choose either:

Option #1 (Most Popular) - MEMBERSHIP MULTIPLIER
This is perfect for those looking to make constant improvements to their business every month.
This network will help you make small tweaks that will bring huge payoffs for you and your members.

You get everything above PLUS a monthly, private CONSULTING and coaching call where I'll go to work on your membership program with you. This is ideal for the entrepreneur who is looking to launch a membership program or new level to an existing program.

You receive personalized attention from me. When you have a coaching call with me, I'm helping you get new members, increase retention and keep people from quitting.
Therefore, spots are limited and will fill up!

Membership Maximizer


Per Month

    Everything in Membership Multipliers PLUS MORE!
  • One-Time Fast Action 60-minute Coaching all
  • Every Other Week Group Coaching Session
  • Three Two-Day Mastermind Events
  • PRIORITY Access
Book a Call with Our Team

Private Client By Application Only

One-Day Or Two-Days Available
  • One-day Consulting Day or
  • Two-days Consulting
  • One-Time Fast Action Conference Call
  • Includes Access to Online Training Resources
  • Monthly Membership Gold Newsletter
  • Conference Call As Needed
Apply Now!

Not Sure Which Network is Right For You?

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What Others Are Saying

“It’s not an exaggeration to say that this network wouldn’t exist without Scott Whitaker. After hearing me say for years that I wanted to build a network for renegade pastors, he finally cornered me (literally) in a hotel lobby in Southern California and told me it was time to put action behind my words (at least that’s what I heard him say; I’m sure he was more tactful). Two months later, The Renegade Pastors Network was born. Thank you, Scott!”Nelson Searcy, Founder of The Renegade Pastors Network and Church Leader Insights
“In just 24 hours our membership conversions went from 14% to 71% with one simple tweak that Scott made.”Bill Heid, President Heirloom Audio
For me, writing and developing content for my newly formed coaching program has been one of the things that has held me back from launching sooner. After discussing my dilemma with Scott, he rather quickly over the phone helped me categorize and calendar the content I had previously created to develop the “Seven Keys to Building a Better Dental Practice.” The good news was I didn’t have to create anything new taking up more of my time. As a full time practicing periodontist, time is money. Scott gave me a simple and easy solution to organize content what I thought was hidden, and now can use to coach Periodontists with the “Perio Success Academy.” Dr. Jeff Anzalone, Founder of Perio Success Academy

P.S. I want to remove any fear you may have in joining my coaching. I know that there's enough fear already in trying to launch, grow and build a membership program. So here it is:
Guarantee Image

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

My consulting is not for everyone but if you choose to join, I would like to offer you a no-hassle, no questions asked guarantee. Here it is: I'm so confident that after implementing my tips and tools that you will grow your network. If you don't, you can call my office at any time and tell me that my coaching isn't growing your membership program and I will refund your most recent investment. Plus, you can keep any of the resources, MP3s or materials that you have received to date.

In other words, I want to remove any fear you might have in joining this network.