Create Urgency with a Deadline

Create Urgency with a Deadline

Having already discussed unleashing the power of scarcity, let’s also talk about creating urgency with a deadline.

With a deadline on your membership, you let your prospects know that the opportunity to get these bonuses for the next X-number-of-people ends on a specific date and time.

What I’m not saying is this means you close your enrollment period. I don’t want you to close your membership offering at that time; I want people to be able to sign up all the time. But when you offer bonuses as an incentive to act now, utilize scarcity by adding a deadline so that this offer – this special opportunity – goes away.

Here is an example for you. On the thank you page that appears after registering for a webinar, you could run a video congratulating the prospect on having registered for the webinar and to look for a confirmation email that will arrive in a moment.

“In the meantime, here’s a special one-time opportunity for you that disappears in X minutes…”

Then below the video, you show them a countdown timer, already practically to the end of that countdown timer, quickly ticking away.

You might be thinking, “Well, Scott. But how can I do this?” Even if the technology for this is a bit more advanced than you can feel comfortable, don’t skip the principle. Instead, you can just say in that video, “This opportunity ends Friday at midnight” and when it’s Friday at midnight, then the special is over.

I did something like this before with a special offer we promoted. And I even said in my email, “Hey, don’t contact me on Saturday saying you missed it. I’m a person of integrity. This opportunity is going to go away.”

Well, I guess somebody didn’t believe me. They emailed me on Saturday and said, “Hey, your sales page is missing.”

I thought to myself, “It’s actually because it’s after the deadline and they missed out.”

Things like that will happen. But maintain your integrity. Once people see that you follow through on what you say you will do, they will be even more inclined to trust your word in the future.

Plus, someone who will eagerly push your ethical boundaries for personal gain is never going to be a right-fit member!

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