Do You Have an Engagement Tripwire?

When someone joins your membership program, they’re not really a member.

Not quite yet.

Sure, they’ve signed up, agreed to be a member and paid their fee. But, that doesn’t make them a member.

A member is fully engaged, involved and utilizing their membership.

So how do you take someone from sign up to fully engaged?

One of the more advanced tools that I encourage membership businesses to have is an Engagement Tripwire.

An Engagement Tripwire is an action that you want every member to take with the goal of getting them to use their membership.

When you think about your Assimilation System (how you get members fully engaged) do you have a tripwire that moves them to take their first steps to use their membership.

What are the first 3-5 steps you want new members to take and that will help them use their membership?

If you utilize an Engagement Tripwire, new members will:

  • Assimilate more quickly
  • Get a “quick win” in using their membership
  • Feel more confident that joining your membership was indeed the right decision
  • Will know immediately what they should do upon becoming a member
  • Feel more like a member

What is your Engagement Tripwire?

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