Don’t Believe This Membership Myth

There’s a dirty little myth out there – “If we just add more value, we’ll get more members.”

Sometimes the lie is said out loud. Sometimes it’s an internal belief.

However, it all starts with, “Why aren’t we getting more members?”

Somehow, the question of “Why aren’t we getting more members?” was more easily answered by just saying, “If we add more value, we’ll get more members.”

It’s a lie!

And it can lead to your membership going bankrupt and building an unsustainable model.

Most memberships don’t have a value problem, they have a problem with their structure.

I’ve yet to work with a membership business that has a value proposition problem. Instead every single one of them has a problem with their structure. Their foundation isn’t sustainable or best able to help their members.

How can you build a sustainable membership that will attract more members? By structuring your membership business for greater value and effectiveness that will actually attract more members.

How do you do that?

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Scott is an expert in creating and building membership programs within businesses, giving greater value to customers and multiplying income. Using his "Seven Systems of a Healthy Membership Program," he will help you get new members, increase retention and structure your membership program for long-term growth.