Don’t Try to Build a Ferrari on a Volkswagen Budget

So many people want to build amazing membership sites. They want badges, they want to track people’s progress, they want to send out rewards. They want to do all of this and more.

They’re trying to build a Ferrari, but they’ve only got a Volkswagen budget.

Listen, you’re just starting… go with the Volkswagen first.

We all had our first car, right? Mine was a 1989 Ford Tempo. They don’t even make Ford Tempos anymore. Now I drive a BMW Z4. I wasn’t a kid driving a BMW Z4, and I definitely did not have that caliber of a membership site with my first membership offer either.

Start out small, build with it, and allow it to grow.

Remember, it is possible to sell your membership without having your membership site built yet. You see, having members signing up is a great motivating factor to get your tech set up. Why not have your members pay you to build out your membership site?

“Wait a second,” you say. “You mean people will actually join my membership and pay up front and I can utilize that money to get my membership site built?”


Why not do it that way?

You just have to fulfill what you promised you were going to deliver. Why not allow new members to pay you to build your membership site? Just get one built and grow from there.

That’s the goal. I really do believe that some people use the challenge of building out their membership site as a reason or excuse to not grow, to not focus on getting members, and to not focus on helping people. Don’t let that be you.

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