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The resources below will help you create, launch and sell your high-ticket membership offer.

    The High Ticket Membership Offers For Coaches & Consultants Facebook Group

    Join my fun FREE Facebook group for "high-ticket membership offers" who want to grow and scale their membership businesses.

    Accelerate: How To Get Your Next 10,100,500, or Even 1,000 Members

    Get a copy of my best-selling book and learn my best kept secrets to keep members paying for years to come.

    14-Day Free Test Drive Of Membership Accelerators Club

    Join coaches, consultants, course creators, online memberships who are actively using The Membership Accelerators Club to easily get their membership and message out to the world!

    Content Catalog Creation Guide

    This resource will help you identify "your unique genius" and identify how you can best serve your ideal prospective member.

    Membership vs Subscription Business Info-Graphic

    Your membership is NOT a subscription. This will help you understand the difference.

    High-Ticket Coaching Sales Letter

    Use this sales letter to help you create your sales page to sell your high-ticket coaching offer. This sales letter template has generated over eight figures in recurring revenue.

    Most Outrageous Gift - Million Dollar Membership Swipe File ($5,000 value!)

    This swipe file is a collection of social media ads and campaigns that have now generated over eight figures in membership revenue.

    F.A.S.T. Launch Checklist

    Use this checklist to help you guide you to creating and launching your high-ticket membership offer.

    Membership Calculator

    Calculate how fast your membership can grow if you just get X number of new members every month.

    Retention Calculator

    See how quickly your membership can grow if you retain more members month over month.

    Seven Ways to Grow Your Membership

    This strategy guide will give you seven "multipliers" that you can use to get more members, increase retention and create greater profitability in your membership.

    Why People Quit Your Membership And What You Can Do About It

    If you would like to build a membership business, keep members from quitting and have predictable recurring income, then this will be the most important article you read all year.

    A Proven Gameplan For Keeping More Members

    Use this cheat sheet to take a member from "Sign-Up" to "Fully-Engaged" in your membership with simple steps anyone can use to increase retention and keep more members!

    Secret Audience Formula Training & Action Guide ($297 Value)

    Do you know the Secret Audience Formula to help you get more prospects, members, and sales?

    Knowing the secret of  what your audience  likes, wears, reads, enjoys, etc., can help you pinpoint your message, marketing, and fill your membership.

    In this masterclass you will discover:

    • Why your marketing isn't as effective as it should be
    • How knowing your Ideal Prospective Member determines everything for your message
    • The simple step-by-step to always know who you're selling your membership to
    • Get this one thing right, and you'll get more members

    Plus, we will workshop together to uncover what your ideal prospective member!

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    “Secret Audience Formula Checklist”


    Power Multipliers
    For those looking for rapid growth and increase their retention.