Embarrassed? Your Members. . .

Embarrassed! It’s a funny word when you think about it. Say it out loud. It’s kind of odd.


That’s what happens when your members go to quit.

They’re usually embarrassed to say, “I need to cancel my membership.”

If anything they’ll avoid even saying it at all. They’ll send you an email just hoping you’ll process their cancellation and do so quickly.

You have to recognize that when you talk (and I mean talk not email) with a member who is seeking to quit, it your job to remove the embarrassment.

Let them know there’s no shame.


Well, you do this for a number of reasons:

  1. You can leave the door open for them to come back. If they feel like they have no reason to be embarrassed it creates a welcoming opportunity for them to join again.
  2. You gain an opportunity to keep them from quitting. When you remove the embarrassment from the conversation you can dig into the real reason why they may be quitting.
  3. You show that you value them and their membership. By removing the embarrassment, you show that you value your relationship with them and give them the opportunity to stay connected.

How do you process cancellations?

What do you say (and not say) when someone is trying to quit?

You’re losing members if you’re not prepared for the conversation and don’t have a script.

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