Everyone’s Favorite Channel

Everyone’s Favorite Channel

One of my mentors, Dan Kennedy, said that every person is tuned into their own radio station called WIIFM. Everybody has their antenna up and it’s tuned in to WIIFM. What’s in it for me? When they read your email, or your sales page, they will be asking the question, “What’s in it for me?”

Answer that question.

You’ll do that through this painted picture you’ve been creating.

Now I want you to take this “picture” and hang it in your office. I want you to put it on your desk, have it there, and just continue to add to it.

You might find out as you have real-life conversations with your prospects and participate in different Facebook groups and on social media, “Oh, they’re struggling with this. Let me write that down.”

As you read articles and continue to learn more and more about your prospects, you’ll also learn things about their wants, their pain points, their needs, and their desires. Write these things down and continue to build out this painted picture.

That’s how you leverage this process.

It will enable you to communicate on a much deeper level. I’m not asking you to do this exercise so that you will have this nice little paragraph to put someplace.

No, I’m asking you to do this so that you can make sure you have a successful, fast launch for your membership… and so that you will be able to serve the people who really need you!

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