Founding Members vs. Launch Members

Founding Members vs. Launch Members

There’s always that question, “How do I know people will sign up?”

A lot of people teach the use of “Founding Members,” but I’m going to teach you something new.

  • Founding Members are the very first members you sell into your membership. You’re probably familiar with this term and concept. They get the Founding Member rate, which they qualify for and receive as long as they don’t cancel.

For example, let’s say you put your Founding Membership offer out there at $997 – and those members get to lock in that $997 rate for as long as they don’t cancel. It’s a great way to get members using this strategy.

Your Founding Member offer works as a public promotion that gives people their first opportunity to join in the membership. They’re willing to grow with your membership and understand that the membership site is still a work in progress and there may still be glitches. But because the deal’s so good… they’re willing to overlook those minor things and grow alongside you with your membership.

Your Founding Member is a really good member. You need Founding Members, and I absolutely recommend you do a launch focused on getting Founding Members.

But I want to introduce to you another strategy:

Launch Members.

There is a big difference between Launch Members and Founding Members. They are two entirely different types of members.

  • Launch Members are seed members that you give FREE access to your coaching program.

You might ask, “Why would I do that?”

Well, I’ve seen a number of people go out and do a Founding Member launch, but only get 3-5 members. Honestly, that’s a bit of a rough start because not all of them will show up for everything. And not all of them will become active in the community.

It’s actually quite hard to get your membership off the ground with just 3-5 members.

If you instead use Launch Members, to whom you’ve given free access, these people will already be in the membership ahead of your Founding Member launch. They will be your welcoming committee that already know the ropes and are already there and active in your membership community.

When you do your Founding Member launch, you will have another group of members there who will act as a larger community to help you build your membership.

Your Launch Members will join by private invitation only – not a public launch or public promotion. It’s a private invite that you give to a specific group of people. You invite them to become a Launch Member in your membership and give you honest feedback.

You will do this before you go out with your main public launch, and before you go out with your Founding Member launch. You will be able to use the feedback of these Launch Members to guide the design of the membership you offer for your Founding Members.

Then, you will take the feedback from your Founding Members and build upon that before you go public and go big with your membership launch.

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