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Think about it. . .

. . . That’s why you travel to work the same route every day.

. . . That’s why you probably put your keys in the same spot at home and work.

. . . That’s why you shop in the same stores.

. . . That’s why you have the same morning routine morning after morning.

Having a system makes life easier!

But what does that mean for your membership business?

There are Seven Systems of a Growing Membership Business.  When these seven systems are right and healthy, your membership business will grow.

Here are the Seven Systems of a Growing Membership Business 

  1. Content System
    The content system is related to your menu of services. It covers what you deliver, when you deliver it, and how often you deliver it. The keyword is “it”. The “it” is your special sauce, your key for the way you do things. Once you know what your “it” is, you have to figure out how often you deliver it.
  2. Assimilation System
    The assimilation system covers what you want your members to receive, believe, and achieve when they join your membership program. You have to make sure that your membership is meeting the beliefs and expectations that made them join. Regardless of what membership business you have, your members want to achieve something by joining your program.

Whether you’re in a business coaching environment or a service-based environment, your members have certain beliefs that make them come into your business. You have to make sure you help them achieve those beliefs – or they’ll be gone before you can say “assimilation system”.

  1. Marketing System

With the marketing system, we identify the right message delivered with the right media to the right market. In other words, it involves the relationship of your message, your media, and your market. If those elements don’t cooperate to guide potential members into the right direction, that leads to lost opportunities.

  1. Retention System
    This system focuses on creating a membership path where people believe, belong, and become your ideal member. You don’t just have to get new members, but you also have to retain current members. That’s why it’s crucial for you to figure out how to nurture that relationship as much as possible. When you improve your relationship and increase their results, your retention percentage will soar.
  2. Ascension System
    People will quit your business – it’s impossible to retain everyone. However, the ascension system allows you to try and change their mind. Instead of losing them as your members, you can offer them the opportunity to stay at a reduced rate, for a reduced level of services, or with another solution.
  3. Strategy System
    The strategy system evaluates all the systems and how they work together. We look at the interaction and how we can improve them. That way, we can identify opportunities for greater profit and more members of your business.
  4. Leadership System
    The final system is the leadership system. If your business is going to grow, you have to grow too. Therefore, you have to work on your leadership. You have to develop your personal leadership in order to become a leader of leaders, a leader of your membership base. As a business owner, you have to grow in your understanding of business, marketing, and overall leadership.

Two questions for you to consider:

1) What system is your STRONGEST system?

2) What systems is your WEAKEST system?

Your membership business will only grow as much as your weakest system will permit.

That’s why I’ve written my latest eBook, “Membership Multipliers: 7 Proven Systems for Growing a Profitable Membership Business

With this FREE Strategy Guide, I give you the tools you need to:

  • Get new members in 90 days (or less!)
  • Create opportunities for ascension that will increase your profit
  • Assimilate members so that they quickly engage your membership program and stay for the long-haul
  • Keep members from quitting by “increasing the pain of disconnect”
  • Create greater value in your membership program without increasing your work
  • Remove the headaches your business is causing you (you’ll finally have systems in place)

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