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What others are saying...

Dan Kennedy, Founder of No BS Inner Circle

"Scott Whitaker has neatly consolidated the vital truths and fundamentals about what I call "the membership concept," which I have have used for my own fortune and for countless clients. His advice is drawn from solid, successful experience, not theory. To be a member, it must mean something and that meaning must be systematically reinforced. Scott knows this!"

Kim Walsh-Phillips, Powerful Professionals

“In just the first 30 minutes of going through Scott’s program, we were able to multiply our membership revenue path more than 300%!!”

Oli Billson, Founder of Oliver Billson Marketing

“I decided to put on one of these small two day workshops that you receommended, with the idea of paying $97 upfront and $397/ trial membership. And in just over two weeks we managed to sign up 30 new members from the workshop. Thanks so much for the idea dude, I really do appreciate you.”
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