Helping Your Members Without Creating More Work For Yourself: Recycle

Helping Your Members Without Creating More Work For Yourself: Recycle

With all the uncertainty happening right now, it can be difficult to find ways to help your members navigate through.   Even during the best of times, knowing how to best serve your members can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

And how can you help your members without creating more work for yourself?

Three simple questions can guide you in this process, and help you utilize all the great work you’ve already been doing for your members.

Click here to see the first question.

This week we will focus on the second question…

What can you recycle?

Think about a product you purchased last month or last year. What can you remember from the follow-up emails you received? What topic was covered in a coaching call you listened in on last November? What’s the next step you need to take to maximize your use of this tool or product? Could you benefit from repetition of best practices to move you forward?

Remember that your members, just like you, have to hear certain things multiple times before they become able to retain and achieve maximum benefits. While I’m not encouraging you to re-sell old content as a new product, I do want you to understand the power of reminding your members of valuable lessons.

During certain seasons of the year, what information do your members need to be reminded of that will help them optimize your membership? If you created a fall special for last year, why not re-use that same marketing promotion next fall? If you launched a Summer Bonus last June, it’s time to dust it off and recycle it with no extra effort… so you can spend more time with your loved ones lounging by the pool.

Examine each month of the year, different holidays, and different life/business events that affect your members. What messages could they benefit from hearing again? How soon do they need to receive this information again? When does this service need to be re-emphasized? When does this educational piece need to be re-presented?

That’s how you recycle content. Use what you’re already doing for your members… the people who most need what you offer… to help remind them of the basics that so often fall out of sight when bombarded by a million daily messages.

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