Helping Your Members Without Creating More Work For Yourself: Reframe

Even during the best of times, knowing how to best serve your members can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.  But with all the uncertainty happening right now, it can be difficult to find ways to help your members navigate through.

And how can you help your members without creating more work for yourself?

Three simple questions can guide you in this process, and help you utilize all the great work you’ve already been doing for your members.

Earlier, we discussed what you could repurpose and then what you recycle.

This week we will focus on the third and final  question…

What can you reframe?

How can you provide currently available content, either under a different name or as part of a different package, to customers outside of your membership?

NOTE: I’m not saying that you sell this to your existing members! That’s not what I’m suggesting by any means. We’re merely reframing what you are able to provide to additional members.

When reframing, you’re giving old content a new look or a new feel. Think about how books often get updated, expanded, and rebranded.

Perhaps the author has gone in and added a little bit, maybe taken away a little bit, and changed some of the stories, but the basic content inside that book is still the same. It’s just been “updated and expanded.”

You might take an older resource and reshoot any video components or revise and drill down on tactics you have learned since the original release.

These are just a few ways you can reframe content that you have already created to provide to new members and prospects!

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