How Do You Handle a Cancellation Request?

If you have a membership business, you know the excitement of gaining new members. I’m always excited to bring on a new member!

The relationships I have with my members are some of the most fulfilling. I find a lot of joy in helping business owners grow their membership. Building businesses is my passion, and helping others has always been a top priority in that passion.

Now, I want you to think about the other side of your membership business: What happens when someone wants to quit? There is an obvious array of emotions that come with that- but what do your actions look like? Do you have an easy “cancel button?” Do you require an e-mail? A phone call? What are you actually DOING when someone requests to cancel their membership?

I tell my members all the time: “The very first step that I want you to take is to never process a cancellation without a conversation.” Never process a cancellation without a conversation. Don’t do it.

Let me tell you a story where about a private client, who I was consulting with about the structure of their membership business. One time, over lunch I asked the question. “How do you process a cancellation? “

They said “We just go into their profile, and we cancel their membership.” I went on and I said you mean tell me you don’t even talk to them? You don’t even reply to their email and ask them any questions? You don’t set up an appointment? You don’t try to get ahold of them? You just take their email for what it is, their request, and process the cancellation immediately? How dare you?? How dare you just process their cancellation without a conversation! They made a decision to join your membership. You owe it to them to have a conversation.

Now, I’m not talking about a confrontational conversation. I’m talking about having a conversation with them where you try to find out what is going on. What brought about the decision? Why are they wanting to cancel? Maybe there’s something that you can fix. Maybe there’s something that you can handle for them, and give them as an extra bonus even.

So, that’s the most important aspect of a cancellation request. You always have to have a conversation. We create our membership businesses to help people, to teach people, to bring people together into a community. If we aren’t providing them with what they want, or need, or expected, they’re going to cancel. We need to find out why. We need to find out how we can better serve them.

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