How Do You Price Your Membership?

How Do You Price Your Membership?

Which is easier….

Selling 100 people a membership at $27? Or selling 10 people a membership at $270?

The revenue is the same, $2700 per month.

After working with hundreds of membership leaders, I’ve found that it’s not ten times harder to sell membership for ten times more.

So, how do you know what to price your membership?

Well, here are some strategies to consider:

  1. The goal of your membership is about impacting more people. Sure, you know you could sell your membership for more but you’re looking to impact more people. So the goal is the number of people in membership, not the revenue the membership generates.
  2. The goal of your membership is to provide the best possible service. And to do so, you need more revenue to provide the attention your members need. It’s one thing to provide for 100 people, it’s another to provide attention to just 10 people.
  3. You want to do both – impact more people AND provide the best possible service. Just because you desire both doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice one for the other. It is possible to have a membership for $27 and another level of membership for $270.

Most just don’t know how.

And in doing so, I’ve found that many membership leaders are providing a $270 membership for just $27. You could be paid more!

Plus, you’re overwhelming your members thinking that the more value you create, the more they’ll want to stay in your membership. That’s just simply not true. Most often times, it leads to overwhelm.

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