How to Get More Members Paying You More

How many membership levels do you have?

So many membership businesses only have one level of membership, others might have two; but I’m going to try to convince you that you need three. (And if you have four or more levels of membership, I’m still going to suggest slimming it down to just three.)

If you’re now looking at your membership program and wondering, “How in the world could I create additional levels of membership? Where would I even start?” let’s begin by categorizing the options.

A good place to start is “Good, Better, Best.” When your future members are considering joining your membership program, they can see there’s a “Good” option to maybe test the waters, there’s a “Better” option when they want to learn more, and there’s the “Best” option, the best value—the biggest package, the biggest and best membership program.

At a recent reception, someone approached me to ask, “Hey, I teach real estate investing, I only have one level of membership. How would I create multiple levels?” For this example, a useful way to categorize membership might be “beginner, intermediate, advanced.”

A beginner investor is going to have lots of basic questions, but you wouldn’t want to place an advanced investor in the same tier of membership—because they’re going to be constantly frustrated by the beginner with an abundance of “Hey, how did you do this” questions. You don’t want that to happen. You don’t want to frustrate your members. You want them to be able to network amongst their peers.

Another way to categorize levels is “Gold, Diamond, Platinum,” which is almost like “good, better, best.” It implies a higher level of learning, networking, and tools at the higher levels that gold members can’t quite get yet.

Here’s why I focus on three levels: Three is always better than one.

Three gives people options. If I go to your website right now and you’ve got only one level of membership, it’s either a Yesor a Nofor me. Do I want to be a member or not?

Well, if I don’t want to be a member of that specific program and there are no other options to choose from, the answer is simple, and I say No.

Having two tiers makes it an either/or decision. It’s still better than one, but not as good as three. When I have three options, the decision moves from “Do I want it or not?” to “Which one is best for me?” That’s what happens psychologically when you have a three-level program. People immediately begin to ask, “Which level is best for me?”

Now, in my membership business, I’ve got the Membership Multipliers Network- that’s the very bottom level of membership. Then above that is my Membership Maximizer program- that’s a larger investment, more access to me and more training. Then there is my Private Client level- that’s where I go to work inside your business. This usually includes a day of traveling to your place of business, working inside your business, and then working together to strategically grow your membership.

Those are my three levels of my membership and each level allows me a deeper insight into the client’s membership business and more trainings/opportunities.

When I go in and I work with clients to create three tiers of membership, we put up walls of paper—those giant Post-It notes—and we literally write down everything they offer as part of their membership, and then we start to categorize it. We say, “Well, this tool over here is for more advanced members, so it should go in the higher level membership. This tool here is always needed for member success so they need it even in the very basic membership.”

Ask yourself, “If I was to create three levels of membership, based on Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, what resources would I offer in each tier?”

I would suggest that the higher the membership level, the higher level of resources available. If you are in a Gold Membership, then you only get what is available at the Gold Level. If you’re in a Diamond Membership then you get what is at the Diamond Level, but also what is at the Gold Level Membership. Then finally, if you’re in a Platinum Membership, you get everything in Platinum, everything in Diamond, and everything in Gold. Clearly, the Platinum Membership level is the optimum package. You’re giving them the tools they need to succeed: This is the Ascension System in your membership business.

Now, to combine all of this with the earlier teaching you might say, “Well, the Platinum Members, they’re going to get this for free and it’s going to be built into their membership, but Gold and Diamond members, they’re not going to get access to that. They would actually have to pay for that.” You just go through everything that you’re currently providing your membership. You make that list, and you chart it.

What will you offer in the three tiers of your membership program?

That’s where a good coach comes in.

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