How To Increase Retention And Keep Members For The Long-Haul

How To Increase Retention And Keep Members For The Long-Haul

Are you losing members?

Of course! It’s one of the unfortunate circumstances of having a membership program. You win some and you lose some.

Most business owners just accept that it happens and move on to find new members.

However, the above average business owner will find opportunities to keep members from quitting.

The profit for your membership program is in the retention. When you increase your retention, you multiply your revenue from all members.

You can increase you retention by helping your members to BELIEVE, BELONG and BECOME.

What are the core beliefs that you want your members to have? What mindset are you trying to help them achieve? How are you helping them to be better?

If you can’t articulate it, neither can your members. Your members have to have a set of beliefs that tie to your membership program.

How are you creating a community within your membership program?

How are you cultivating the relationship you have with your members?

Are you projecting your own personality within your membership program?

If they don’t belong – they won’t stay. No one wants to go where they don’t feel like they belong.

Are you helping your members see how they are better off with your membership program?

Are you recognizing their achievements? Are you recognizing their obstacles and how you can help?

Consider it immature but everybody enjoys recognition for their accomplishments. It can be public or it can be private, but you need to recognize what your members are achieving.

If you take these three actions, you will increase your retention and keep your members for the long-haul.

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