How to Leverage LinkedIn to Grow Your Membership (For FREE!)

LinkedIn is one of the greatest channels offered by social media in terms of membership sales, with around half a billion people who make use of the site, making it a strong sales channel for any business.

Finding leads is considerably less daunting for those who know how to properly navigate the site and make use of its advanced settings. It is also vital that you have a definition of your perfect client before you even start looking. Be aware of what job titles or industries make for the best fit for what your membership has to offer and join groups that may benefit from it.

Joining niche groups helps you to narrow your focus to more concentrated markets, which will inevitably result in better rates of conversion and higher engagement. Niche groups make membership sales jobs considerably easier as you will be able to specify the precise benefits your company offers to that particular market.

Most people have an average of 400 connections on LinkedIn, with the site offering the ability to compile all of those connections into one compact and comprehensive spreadsheet. This is a great way of streamlining a potential client list, making it easier to follow up on inquiries and to share that information with other members of your team.

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