How to Raise the Value of Your Members by the Way You Talk on the Phone

Being put on hold on the phone is a pet peeve for most of us. Although you may have to put a member on hold, it doesn’t have to be frustrating for the caller. Here are a few courtesies that can make the wait a little more tolerable for the caller:

  • Don’t multitask.When you try to do two things at once, you’ll be more likely to miss something important a member is trying to tell you.
  • Ask before placing a caller on hold.Don’t just tell members to “please hold.” Give them a say by asking if they can hold. Wait until they respond, and then thank them.
  • Don’t tell members you’ll put them on hold for “just a second.”Instead, give them a reasonable estimate of how long you’ll be away from the phone. Also give them an explanation of why they’ll be on hold.
  • Faster doesn’t always mean better.Efficiency is great, but doing a poor job quickly won’t win you loyalty from anyone. Speed should always be second to carefully attending to a member’s needs.
  • Take notes.Don’t rely on your memory. Writing notes during a phone conversation allows you to get a better record of the caller’s name and message, including the caller’s mood.


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