How To Scale And Grow Your Membership

How To Scale And Grow Your Membership

Recently, I had a private conversation with someone who has been in our membership, attended one of our virtual events and been a fan of what we do to help membership businesses grow.

During the conversation, I shared…

There really are only two ways to sell more memberships.

Needless to say, it took her by surprise.

It’s something that I teach in our highest level coaching program, Membership Maximizers.

Here they are:

1. Increase the size of your marketing audience.

If you have 1,000 ideal prospects on your list and all you do is double the size of your list, you should be able to double the size of your membership.

Just keep selling your membership in the same manner. Don’t change a thing. Just sell your membership the way you’ve been selling and increase your list size, your membership should double.

2. Increase your sales conversion rate

Let’s say, you have a list of 1,000 ideal prospects. Out of that 1,000 people, you’ve sold 10 people into your membership.

1,000 / 10 = 1 member for every 100 people on your list.

That’s your conversion rate. (1 member for every 100 people)

But let’s say you go to work on improving your conversion rate. You get your conversion rate to 1 out of every 50.

You now have 20 members all because you focused on increasing your sales conversion rate.

I know, it’s math…

But it really is a numbers game.

Your business is a machine. What you put into it, you get out of it.

Now, if you’re like my Membership Maximizers, you know there really is a third way…

3. Do both! Increase the size of your list AND increase your sales conversion rate.

That’s what we focus on in Membership Maximizers. It’s a private group of like-minded membership business owners.

They’re all looking to scale and grow their membership.

Jeff, one of our members just sold 10k in two weeks.

If you’re interested in learning more AND you think you would be a good fit, just send me an email to scott<at> with the word “Maximize” and tell me a little about your membership, what you’d like to work on together, and I’ll get you all the details!

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