How to Turn Social Media into a Marketing Machine

(without it becoming a wasteland of mindless chatter!)

Social media plays a crucial role in marketing in the modern world, being free, fast and ubiquitous in nature. Membership Businesses should not concern themselves with asking if they need to engage with social media – because the answer is yes – so much as finding the best methods with which to use social media to engage with their prospective members.

Social media has allowed marketing to become a two way street that enables customers to contact businesses as much as the other way around, and it is vital to make sure there is someone in your membership business whose job it is to ensure that member compliments, complaints and comments are being received and taken into account.

Membership businesses need to carefully choose just a few social media platforms to commit time and attention to, so it is crucial to pick the best ones for their purposes. Facebook is great for targeting large numbers of people, but LinkedIn, Instagram and even the likes of Pinterest may be appropriate choices depending on the nature of the particular business. Do your due diligence and make a commitment to your social media.


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