How You Can See The True Reality Of Your Membership Business [Podcast]

How You Can See The True Reality Of Your Membership Business

In today’s episode, we dig in to the best ways to know and understand how healthy your membership business is.  We will discover the best ways to uncover the real impact your membership business is making and how to make it even greater.

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More About The More Members Now Podcast

As a membership expert, author and the guy some of the biggest membership marketers turn to so that they can add six and even seven figures to their membership in six months or less.

I am the bestselling author of Accelerate: How to Get Your Next 10, 100, 500 or Even 1,000 Members, The Triple Your Membership in 21 Days Toolkit and Seven Membership Multipliers.

Some of my private clients include No BS Inner Circle (founded by Dan Kennedy), Kim Walsh Phillips of Powerful Professionals, Mike Agugliaro of CEO Warrior, Kris Murray of Childcare Marketing, Inc., the National Real Estate Investors Association and Clint Salter of the Dance Studio Owners Association to name a few.

In each episode, you’ll discover some of the strategies, tips and tools that I share with my Membership Accelerators Club, Membership Multipliers and Private Clients. Plus, you’ll get to meet some of them as my special guest.

Join me each week….let’s multiply your membership and money!

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About Scott Whitaker

Scott is an expert in creating and building membership programs within businesses, giving greater value to customers and multiplying income. Using his "Seven Systems of a Healthy Membership Program," he will help you get new members, increase retention and structure your membership program for long-term growth.