I Have A Huge Announcement And You Get A Special Bonus

It’s brand-new! The “More Members Now Podcast” has officially launched!

And to celebrate, we’re giving away over $472.67 in membership tools and resources!

All you have to do is click the link below!


Subscribe to the podcast and then click:

Get Your PowerPack!

Every week, there will be a brand new episode. Each will help you get more members, increase your retention or guide you through the challenges of leading and growing your membership or association.

So make sure you subscribe and never miss an episode!

By the way, even if you don’t have iTunes, Stitcher or Spotify…

…you can still get every episode through the link below:


Plus, be on the look out for some exciting interviews where I’ll be interviewing some of my private clients who lead 7-figure membership businesses. Together, we’ll share with some tips and tools to help you multiply your membership over and over again!

And enjoy all the tools and resources just for being a podcast listener!


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About Scott Whitaker

Scott is an expert in creating and building membership programs within businesses, giving greater value to customers and multiplying income. Using his "Seven Systems of a Healthy Membership Program," he will help you get new members, increase retention and structure your membership program for long-term growth.