L.E.A.D. Your Membership to Multiply, Part 1

Here’s a powerful question for you to consider:

What one thing could you do over the next six months to DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your membership?

The first thing you need to do is believe that it is possible. Again, you must believe that something can be, before it will become.

But believing is not enough. You can’t just sit back and expect something to happen just because you believe it will happen. I’m all for having faith, but faith requires action.

So, assuming you believe it’s possible to double and even triple your membership in the next six months, why haven’t you done that? What’s one thing you can do?

First, let me say, it’s not your fault!

No one is teaching membership businesses how to grow, let alone double or even triple.

The authors, consultants, marketers, and thought leaders out there who are telling others how to run a membership business, aren’t running a membership business of their own.

Why is that?

How can you teach others if you’re not in the trenches yourself and leading your own membership business? 

For the record, I lead three membership levels in my own business. Even as a Pastor, I was always a big believer of “Practice what you preach!”

On top of that, most membership businesses are trying to use principles intended for customer-based businesses.

Sure, there is some overlap, but membership businesses are different.

We have members to care for, provide for, and lead. We have numbers and figures like MRR (monthly recurring revenue), churn, retention, and reactivations that are not part of the customer-based model of business.

I’m sick and tired of seeing membership businesses use tools and tactics that are not designed for membership. And as a result, their membership business is declining, hurting, and failing their members.

To combat this, I want to give you a little acrostic that I encourage my members to use to grow their membership business.

The one thing you can do is L.E.A.D. your membership business to double or even triple. 

L – Learn

E – Evaluate

A – Apply

D – Develop


Congratulations! By getting to this point in the book, you’ve already taken steps to learn more about what it takes to lead a membership business.

But what will you do going forward? How will you continue to learn? Here are some actions steps:

  • Decide now what book you will read next.
  • Decide now what seminar you will attend next.
  • Decide now what membership coaching networks you will be part of.


Right now, as I’m writing this book, there are four other books on my desk which I’m currently reading. My Audible app (which I highly recommend) shows that I’ve listened to over 183 hours of books in just the past year.

If you’re going to become the leader of a membership business, you must first become a leader.

All leaders are readers!

A friend of mine once shared some tips on how to read more that I’ll pass along to you.

  • Don’t be afraid to stop reading a book. Sometimes the best thing you can do is stop reading a bad book. That way you can move on to a good book.
  • Get audio books. Audio books are a favorite of mine. Especially when I travel. A good audio book with a good set of Bose headphones and I’m in my own little world.
  • Have a specific time of day. Choose a time of day that works best for you. I like to read early in the morning. 
  • Have a specific location. Some prefer a quiet place, some prefer a crowded coffee shop. For some reason, I prefer a quiet coffee shop. Crowd or no crowd, put me in a corner chair with a Venti Raspberry Mocha Latte and I’m all set!
  • Have a reading plan. Mix up your selection of books. If you’re constantly reading the same topic, you’re going to grow weary. Personally, I like to read books on marketing, business, personal growth and mindset, and spiritual growth. It’s not to say I don’t read other genres, but those are the books that fall within my intentional plan.


It’s unfortunate there aren’t many seminars on the topic of membership. You may find some on subscription businesses though. And you should attend them. For some of them I’ve been a keynote speaker. At these events, you’ll learn practical tools you can apply to your membership.

But make sure you attend every seminar, conference, and/or convention on the topic of membership (again, just be leery of any speakers who don’t run their own membership business).

You should also attend as many seminars as possible inside your niche or industry. Keep up with the latest happenings and industry standards.

Attend seminars outside your niche or industry. When you do this, filter what you’re learning through the lenses of membership. There’s a great deal to be learned from other industries.

It’s unfortunate, but you can’t get a university degree in membership. So, if you want to go far, you’ve got to attend seminars.

Coaching Networks

What coaching networks or masterminds do you belong to with the focus on growing your membership business?

Again, I practice what I preach. I’m currently a member of three coaching groups. They help me leverage my time, energy, and effort. They also give me an opportunity to learn from others.

In addition to being a member of those groups, I also lead my own coaching groups. (Big surprise, I know!)

The coaching groups I lead are for MEMBERSHIP BUSINESSES ONLY! If you don’t have a membership business, or aren’t seeking to start one, then you can’t join. I won’t let you.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can become a member of one of my coaching groups, go to AccelerateMyMembership.com.

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The book retails on Amazon for $19.99.

This is NOT an e-book, PDF or some download.

This is a physical book, I’ll mail to you. The book is FREE, I just ask that you pay a small shipping/handling fee of $7.95 (still cheaper than Amazon Prime.)

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I know that when I help you, I’m ultimately helping your members. When you’re able to get your message out there and grow your membership, then I’m having a direct impact on your members.

There’s not many practical tips, tools and books out there for people looking to get more members and increase retention. That’s why for every person who picks up a copy, they’re also going to receive one FREE month of the Membership Accelerators Club. You’ll get to join an elite group of membership marketers looking to grow their membership.


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