L.E.A.D. Your Membership to Multiply, Part 3 – Apply

L.E.A.D. Your Membership to Multiply, Part 3 - Apply

What are you applying in your membership business right now?

A good place to start is: what are you going to apply from reading this book?

Have you gone to www.AcceleratorBook.com and picked up your free tools and resources?

Have you checked our the previous posts in this series?  Click the link to learn more about LEAD your membership, and EVALUATE your membership. (But don’t forget to read this article, it’s awesome!)


Take out your calendar right now, and look at the next week of Monday through Friday. What is something you’ve learned here that you can say, “I need to apply this”? 

Maybe it’s the same thing every day. You just need to apply one small habit, and let it evolve, letting it come to fruition in your life so that it’s no longer a force. It’s no longer something you have to plan for. 

One of the things I do every now and then, is go on a diet. I know I should eat healthy all the time, but I enjoy my “daddy daughter doughnut” days as often as I can. 

But, every now and then I get to a point where it’s time for me to go to work on my health. There are certain habits and routines that I’ll change, and so I’ll apply new disciplines. I’ll apply both new disciplines and new routines.

It’s the same way in exercising your membership business. If you’re going to grow, you have to have a daily, weekly, and monthly plan to make it happen. 

What is one goal you can set out to accomplish over the next month? Write it down. Give it a deadline. Choose a reward for yourself. Tell someone and have them hold you accountable for it.

Then break down that goal into weekly focuses. What are four focus areas that will help you accomplish that goal? Choose one focus area for the next four weeks.

Turn that monthly goal into a weekly focus. Turn that weekly focus into daily actions. Reward yourself along the way and it won’t be long before you’re growing your membership like never before.

If you want to run a successful membership business, you can’t rely on experience alone. You must rely on evaluated experience of both your victories and your losses.

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